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The publishing house has been established in order to promote the author's own work, as well as that of unknown or forgotten authors, including perhaps those of the modern era. For the time being, it successively publishes some of the works of the said Andrzej Marek Hendzel, who has set his signature below this text. All responsibility for the words and deeds and the entire critique-related odium falls, therefore, on his shoulders, and no one else's.


In Poland, the publishing movement resembles the movement of a broken-down steam-engine which has been standing for years on a siding, with weeds reaching to its floor. Music presses concerned with releasing sheet music are like wrecks lying for generations on the sea-bed. This might be a shallow sea, just like the Baltic, but the fact that the Baltic water is murky and cold does nothing to improve the condition of the publishing community, quite the reverse.


That is why the author went as far as to develop a measure of self-complacent pride to publish his works on his own rather than rely on the mercy of some under-educated Mr Editor, reviewer or yet another Excellency.


Giving a deep bow to all the visitors, why not, even in a more-than-Baroque fashion, sweeping the ground at the feet of the listener, the author wishes all the visitors a pleasant contemplation of the music. It is because music was born not to give enjoyment to some maladroit expert, but to soothe the pain in the soul and heart of the listener and reader of the sheet music. Or, simply, to provide joy.



Andrzej Marek Hendzel